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What we do

At Kaleidoscope XR, we specialize in building custom solutions using the latest technologies in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and data analytics.


Virtual Reality

Progressive companies have digital strategies and business models that are moving quickly from pilot to production, recognizing the potential of optimizing their workforce. Virtual reality is a tool to accelerate growth and lead business innovation. Repeatable and highly engaging, it is the training of the future.

Augmented Reality

AR interactive operating manuals, inventory interfaces, assembly procedures, service inspection and instruction are just a few ways to implement the tool. Leading to productivity improvement and reduced errors, AR is a new way to streamline operations and realize efficiencies. Custom solutions are developed specifically for the needs of your industry.


Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics AI simulates and mimics human intelligence in experiential learning. Traits associated with human responses in problem-solving can be customized in difficulty based on user needs. Behavior can be measured, and simulations can automatically respond to the individual. Whether teaching soft or hard skills, gaps can be addressed in targeted ways. Taking the guesswork from what is happening, real measures determine the next course of action.

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