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Caregiver VR

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Building innovative immersive solutions

The platform, the first of its kind globally, enables live role-playing simulations between trainer and trainee acting as either caregiver or resident in front of a virtual classroom of students. As the ultimate instructor tool, the enhanced empathy training through virtual reality is not possible through any other method. Caregiver VR helps continuing care organizations, universities, and healthcare providers save time and money while improving care.

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Connect experts and trainees globally.

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Live facilitated training in multiple environments.

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Caregiver VR runs from the headset. No computer necessary.

Caregiver VR dementia empathy training

Recent reviews estimate that globally nearly 9.9 million people develop dementia each year. This figure translates into one new case every three seconds. Some of the challenges people with dementia experience are loss of memory, language, problem-solving, and other cognitive abilities that are severe enough to interfere with daily life to require care. Through Caregiver VR you get a glimpse of the real frustrations this brings.

Current Methods

Traditional dementia empathy training includes items such as gloves to impede basic functions. The trainee is given a list of tasks to accomplish alone.

Our Solution

Our interactive Caregiver VR experience includes dementia symptoms such as live visual and auditory hallucinations. The trainee goes through a simulation with the symptoms active while a second trainee assumes the role of the caregiver as they try to communicate.


See the world through the dementia point of view and understand another person’s emotions.

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Risk reduction

Practice cases to build confidence with behavioral de-escalation.

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Symptoms and signs

Recognize and evaluate the situation to formulate a course of action.

Case Study


Created in collaboration with the subject matter expert, Bethany Care Society, Caregiver VR is designed to improve trainee skills and enhance the future of long-term, supportive living, and community-based care.


Bethany Care Society


“Virtual reality has a phenomenal education perspective that no other platform provides,” explains Lynn Curry, Bethany’s Quality Practice Leader for Palliative and End of Life Care. “In the VR platform, a learner can take on the role of resident, nursing staff or Palliative Care Champion. It provides training in an accessible, engaging, and hands-on way while many others are able to watch and learn from the experience. Also providing meaningful connection and interaction typically requires physical space, which can be at a premium. Training through virtual reality means we don’t need to pull staff members off their floor or have them travel for training. One educator can support any site.”

- Bethany-Annual-Report-2022, Bethany Care Society


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