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In today's dynamic world, the rich tapestry of Indigenous languages is at risk of fading away. Enter EagleTalkers, an augmented reality application developed in collaboration with the CIF Reconciliation Society and the Blackfoot Confederacy. EagleTalkers is a groundbreaking app designed to connect remote Indigenous communities, ensuring the preservation and revitalization of their endangered languages.

Introducing EagleTalkers – Bridging Cultures, Preserving Languages

Functionality You Will Love


Connect with Remote Communities

EagleTalkers acts as a digital meeting ground, uniting distant Indigenous communities. It's a space where individuals from different locations can gather, share stories, and learn their endangered languages in real-time.


360-Degree Videos of Cultural Sites

Explore the cultural significance of various sites through immersive 360-degree videos. EagleTalkers provides a visual experience that deepens the connection to heritage, offering users a window into the roots of their language.


Live-Facilitated Storytelling

Embark on a captivating journey through live-facilitated storytelling sessions. Led by experienced facilitators, these sessions infuse cultural richness into language learning, creating an engaging and inclusive experience for users.


Interactive Learning with Virtual Whiteboard

Engage in collaborative learning with EagleTalkers's virtual whiteboard feature. Language exercises, games, and lessons become a shared experience, making the language acquisition process enjoyable and dynamic.

Revitalizing Ancestral Languages

EagleTalkers is more than just an app; it's a tool for revitalizing endangered languages. By facilitating communication and preserving cultural nuances, the app empowers communities to celebrate and breathe life into their ancestral languages.

Community Collaboration

Built on the spirit of community collaboration, EagleTalkers invites all Indigenous communities to participate. The CIF Reconciliation Society and the Blackfoot Confederacy have united to create an inclusive space for active contributions to language preservation.

Join EagleTalkers on a journey to safeguard the linguistic heritage of Indigenous communities. Download the app today and become part of the collective effort to preserve these invaluable languages for generations to come.

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